19th Origami Tanteidan Convention

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19th Origami Tanteidan Convention

August 16-18, 2013
Toyo University Hakusan Campus, Tokyo
Attendance fee:
Free for all attendee traveling overseas.
Events and Features:
  • Special lectures
  • Guests of 17th Yoshino Issei Fund Invitation (Check out who's coming)
  • About 100 classes from simple to complex
  • A bunch of origami paper and other souvenirs
  • Convention Book vol.19 (optional)
  • Reception dinner (optional)
  • Exhibition by participants
  • 7th JOAS Origami Competition (Exhibition and voting: see details)
  • Origami auction
  • Excursion after convention (optional)


August 16, Friday

  • Special lectures by Robert J. Lang and Hagiwara Ichiro (13:30-17:00)

August 17, Saturday

  • Registration (09:00-)
  • General meeting (11:00-11:30)
  • Classes (13:10-17:00)
  • Reception dinner (18:00-21:00)

August 18, Sunday

  • Registration (09:00-)
  • Classes (10:40-16:20)
  • General meeting (16:30-)
    • Origami auction
    • 7th JOAS Origami Competition awarding

Guests of 17th Yoshino Issei Fund Invitation

Robert J. Lang (USA)

One of the world-leading origami artists who is active not only in art but also academics and other aspects of origami. This will be his third invitation of the Yoshino Issei Fund, first one was at Tokyo convention in 2003 and the secend at Kansai convention in 2006. He has authored Origami Design Secrets and many other books.
Web-site: Robert J, Lang Origami

Nicolas Gajardo Henriquez (Chile)

A young origami artist known by his origami creatures with inside-out technique.

Other notable origami artists coming to the convention

Bernie Peyton, Jason Ku, Anne LaVin, Vicky and Linda Mihara (U.S.A), Marcio Noguchi (Brazil), Jun Maekawa, Seiji Nishikawa, Jun Mitani, Takashi Hojyo, Hideo Komatsu, Satoshi Kamiya, Makoto Yamaguchi (Japan)

How to Register

Just send a line and your contact information at webman@origami.gr.jp by August 9.

7th JOAS Origami Model Competition

We are now accepting your models for the 7th JOAS Origami Model Competition. The theme for the thematic competition has been decided as followings. Send your piece(s) to Gallery Origami House along with your name, address, e-mail address, theme(s) that you are applying for, and title(s) and description(s) of the model(s). Your pieces should arrive by July 31.

JOAS AWARD -Special Theme Prize- : "JOAS Mascot"
  • You are invited to enter the virtual design competition for an official mascot of JOAS.
  • You can either design a mascot and render it in origami or design an origami mascot.
  • Note that the winning entry may or may not become an official mascot of JOAS.
JOAS AWARD -Zodiac Prize- : "Horse"
  • We are accepting origami models of Horse, which is the zodiac symbol of the next year.
  • We are accepting origami models that moves.
  • Submit two pieces, one for looking at and one for moving.
  • You can submit up to one model to each of the three competitions.
  • You can use multiple sheets (specify the number and size(s) of the sheets). Cuts are not allowed.
  • The piece should be no larger than 30 cm in any dimensions and should be exhibited as is (use supporting material if necessary).
  • The models to be sent must be unpublished original creations by the folder, so please do not publish diagrams, crease patterns or models before the Convention.
  • The JOAS Awards are selected based on the votes of JOAS Board members and the participants of the Convention. The Origamihouse award is selected by Origamihouse.
  • If you are making a model of a copyrighted character, you must have permission from the copyright holder(s).

Call for Diagrams

As usual, we are accepting diagrams for the convention book from folders all over the world. Send your original diagrams at conv19@origami.gr.jp by June 30, 2013.
Please send diagrams in digital data. Preferable format is either Adobe Illustrator or FreeHand. Templates are available to download.

Please note that submitted diagrams will be screened by our staff members. If your diagrams are published in the convention book, we will send you a complimentary copy, so please let us know your postal address.